What We Do

Elevate (verb) :

1: to lift up or make higher:
2: to raise in rank or status
3: to improve morally, intellectually, or culturally

Elevate’s founding mission is  to employ our collaborative culture and provide value to our clients at every level of government by elevating their government affairs engagement to deliver measurable results against their policy priorities.

We provide tailored, curated strategies for clients to succeed in an ever-evolving government affairs environment where it is increasingly harder to be heard. We created Elevate to provide individualized strategy and engagement efforts for each client.

With over 125 years of combined experience working for Members of the House and Senate, Congressional Committees, and the Executive Branch, the Elevate team uses its wide-ranging sector expertise, broad networks and varied professional background for the benefit of our clients. Elevate’s bipartisan professionals collaborate with each other and our clients to deploy innovative tactics and strategies to achieve real success. We serve as trusted advisors and recognized subject matter policy experts, not just to our clients, but those in government as well.  We each bring unique perspectives on engagement and approach with the Federal Government.  We harness our diverse experiences and backgrounds and work collectively to maximize success across the legislative and executive branches. We help our clients rise above the noise and cut through governmental gridlock. We partner with our clients to identify the right goals and clear the right paths to achieve them.