Alternative Transportation

Recent years have seen a wave of innovation and new concepts in transportation, bringing fresh challenges for those at the forefront of this innovative push. The 118th Congress is set to be the most important yet as innovation and regulations collide.

No one is better positioned or has more experience than our team when it comes to securing results for our clients in the alternative transportation space. Whether it’s electric vehicles, urban air mobility vehicles, or the future of ridesharing, we deliver.

We have a strong track record of successes in this space, which includes using our strong bipartisan relationships to secure funding from relevant agencies – such as the Departments of Defense and Transportation, and the Transportation Security Administration and our bicameral connections to achieve measurable results on Capitol hill. We have also successfully coordinated education campaigns to raise brand awareness and foster community/public acceptance for companies in the space.

We are well informed and well connected, which has led us to be leaders in advocating for companies and associations within the world of alternative transportation.