Privacy is at the forefront of debate in both the media and amongst congressional and administration officials. At Elevate, we are keenly aware of this, and are committed to guiding our clients through this complex landscape while ensuring they are the first to know of any developments on the issue.

Our deep bipartisan and bicameral connections have allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of major pieces of legislation that have been introduced over the years that focus on privacy. We work with our clients to shape and respond to privacy legislation and keep themwell informed on the intricate details, and the movement of the bills, giving us the platform to form innovative and effective strategies to respond to these measures.

With our relationships extending beyond Capitol Hill and into agencies like the Federal Trade Commission, we are also well informed on proposed rules and regulations that also have the potential to impact the privacy space. This gives our clients confidence in us to deliver all relevant information and develop an actionable strategy on their behalf.

This is the case regardless of who is in the White House, or which party holds the majority in either chamber of Congress. No matter the political landscape, we have a track record of making regulatory and policy impacts.