Local Governments

One of the cores of our business model is to serve as the Washington, D.C. liaison for the entities, associations, and companies we serve. This has made us a valuable partner for local governments who want to secure funding and regulatory changes in Washington.

Whether it’s transportation, water infrastructure, or economic development, our extensive experience across virtually every sector allows us to meet any need a local government may have. We are able to achieve this by ensuring our clients get the time they need with relevant lawmakers, committees, and agencies to educate them on their needs.

We have successfully secured federal funding for local governments and entities through formula allocations, direct appropriations, grants, and federal loans by leveraging our congressional and agency-specific connections. We also have an excellent record of success in forming meaningful and influential partnerships with local governments and their congressional delegation.

We are the boots on the ground and engaging on a daily basis with all the relevant players to ensure our local government clients achieve their federal goals.