Freight Mobility

Freight mobility, whether it be across land, sea, or air, plays a critical role in driving both the domestic and international economy forward. Elevate is committed to ensuring that our clients within this sector meet their legislative and regulatory goals so that they can continue to operate successfully and efficiently.

We work with a variety of clients that span across the whole of the industry, which has resulted in our team becoming subject matter experts on the supply chain. We also serve as a link to members of the Senate, House and Executive Branch officials by opening doors through our connections across every level of government.

We use our decades of experience in the federal government to assist our clients in securing federal funding and by tracking relevant bills and regulatory rule proposals. This allows us to present solutions to both clients and policy makers to any potential issue. This has encompassed drafting and including language in bills that have been enacted in multiple Congresses regardless of party control.

Due to the complex interlinkages to freight mobility from countless other sectors, it has become a difficult issue to navigate in Washington. We partner our experience with our connections ease our client’s burden and deliver measurable results to them.