Elevate has a successful and diverse energy practice, working with clients across the entire sector. We have clients, both companies and associations, in legacy energy, renewables, and energy storage and have secured results for each and every one.

As a result of our experience across the aisle in both chambers and within the Department of Energy, we have deep connections to policy makers and their staff both in personal offices and on committees of jurisdiction, and to agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the DOE and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.We are able to confidently handle any task presented to us by our energy clients.

Our history in this industry speaks for itself. We have worked with our clients to establish their own substantial relationships with agency officials and members of congress, while also helping them pursue their policy and federal funding goals. We have helped drive regulatory change, regardless of the administration or political makeup of the two chambers.

This is a critical sector, and its impact on our economy and environment is deeply ingrained in our activities, particularly as new applications for energy resources evolve and intersect with the transportation industry, including electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

We are with our clients every step of the way through Washington’s complicated landscape to ensure that all their targets are met.