In the digital age, no industry can count itself as immune to cyber-attacks. As the federal government works to address the evolving cyberthreat environment, Elevate Government Affairs ensures that our clients are well informed on any federal movement pertaining to public and private cybersecurity measures.

Using our team’s experience on both sides of aisle, and in both chambers of Congress, we are well equipped to engageon cybersecurity issues for our clients. In addition to outreach and legislative advocacy, we are constantly monitoring congressional hearings and agency meetings to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity infrastructure, before then passing on the knowledge to our clients.

We also assist our clients in in raising awareness on the threats that cyberattacks pose to all modes of transportation, large infrastructure projects, data security, and other concerns.

As Congress and the Administration move to address the evolving cyberthreat environment, we work with our clients to keep them ahead of the curve.